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Friday, August 27, 2010

And so it begins.....hello!

Our beautiful view!
My husband and I have just purchased 5 acres in the Ottawa Valley with the plan to build a new farmhouse and start up a small hobby farm/homestead in order to live as self sufficient a life as possible .  We both work full time so it will be an interesting challenge to see how we can balance both work and crops/animals and we are starting with a blank slate.  Our property currently has about 3 acres of hay field in the front and 2 acres of light bush at the back.  We have a million steps to get to where we want to be but I'm excited to begin the journey.  I want to say thanks to Leigh from "5 Acres And A Dream" blog, for setting a fabulous example and inspiring me to record my own journey.  Her site touched a chord with me and I hope mine can be at least a fraction as interesting.  I welcome anyone who would like to follow along with us to see how we progress, and welcome any comments and suggestions.
A view of the front three acres.  The property measures 333 x 667
The cows across the street.


  1. Your property looks absolutely lovely. I wish you both much luck on your adventures. Looking forward to seeing the finished product of all your hard work.

  2. Vicki, I'm absolutely honored. I think it is fabulous that you get to start from scratch like this. I'm very much looking forward to reading about your venture.