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Saturday, August 28, 2010

6:00 am adventure

I somehow convinced my husband (CAT) to go to the property for sunrise this morning so I could see where the sun will come up and how it relates to the house.  It is going to shine right into my french doors in the dining area which is open to the kitchen so I am thrilled.  I know we could have simply determined the directions using a compass but there is something wonderful about watching the sun come up for the first time on your new property plus since we have a tree line on our east side I wasn't sure how much this would impact us.  The sun rose beautifully over the trees at 7:05 am.  We also had a few sightings of wildlife today as we drove into town for supplies.  The deer was just south of our property and the red wolf was sighted approx. 5 minutes drive away.  I am also including some pics of our stone fence we (read CAT lol) are working on across the front of our property.  It is completely overgrown but with some tender loving care it may be quite something eventually.

A section of stone fence before being cleared.

A section of stone fence after being cleared.
A pretty visitor who is likely going to want to eat any garden I try to grow.
This guy started to high tail it and then....

He stopped to check us out.

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  1. Great photos. It's as though that fox knows something is up!