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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fun on the Property!

We had a great Sunday afternoon playing on our property cleaning up some of the downed trees and small deciduous shrubs and allowing the dogs to have a good run.  We are starting the process of adding trails through the wooded part of our property.  It's amazing how different it is back there with the leaves off everything other than the evergreens.  We also took a hike to check out a creek that runs behind our property.  I must say it was lovely. (Sorry, we forgot the camera so no photo of that - hopefully next time)

Looking out toward the field from the treed area

A cozy spot we cleaned up a bit.

Trail we cut toward our large bush pile
Our bush pile
CAT and I were bickering about cutting down the poplar in the centre of the screen.  I have won so far but I wouldn't be surprised if it went missing when I wasn't looking. lol

The view out toward the field again.


  1. I love, love, love walking trails! Yours looks great. Isn't a great feeling to have the place cleaned up?

  2. Me too Leigh - trails are great. We still have oodles of clean up yet but it's fun getting started. When they logged it a few years back they did a bit of a hack job and left lots just laying on the ground. It'll take ages to clean it up properly but that's ok. It's the type of thing you can pick away at. Thanks for your comment.