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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Things I wish I could do!

My friend leigh at 5 Acres and a Dream Blog who inspired me to first take up blogging because hers is so amazing, has tagged me to participate in Things I wish I could do - or at least do better!.   Leigh was tagged by Mr. Simpleton at Living A Simple Life.   The challenge is to focus on some self-sufficiency skills, artistic abilities and more practical things I wish I could do - or at least do better.  I'm new to this type of thing so I hope I do everything correctly (hey maybe that could be one of my wishes) lol and I ask your forgiveness if I make any newbie mistakes.   Here are the things I wish I could do or do better:

1.  I wish I was the type of person who always said the right thing and who was witty and charming at social functions.  This doesn't really fall under the self sufficiency exactly but I had to put it in.  I confess I'm often awkward at social gatherings and usually tend to suffer from foot in mouth syndrome due to my nervousness.  Part of this is lack of practise to be sure because my husband and I are not social people by nature.  CAT often jokes with me after a get together because I sit there and worry about what I said to this or that person.  He says I have an inferiority/superiority complex, inferior because I worry about every little thing I said and superior because I think people are actually discussing me and what I said lol!  It would be so amazing to be the person who always says the right thing and is confident and well spoken.

2.  I wish I could sing.  I mean, I do pretend I can sing while doing dishes at the sink for instance and I often inflict my lack of ability on my family because I love to sing so much but it would be wonderful to have a beautiful singing voice so that you could be in a choir or maybe local musical theatre or just to awe people at Karaoke even.  I wouldn't want to be famous, just really, really talented. lol

3.  I wish I was a better housekeeper.  I know this is one that should be easy to make come true but for me it is a challenge.  Part of the problem is physical in that I have a herniated disk in my back and vacuuming and mopping are extremely hard on the back, and part of it is that I work full time but mostly it's that I just don't like it.  I love a clean house but not the process.

4.  I wish I had stronger will power (stick to it power) whether it means that I am able to stop myself from eating dessert when I shouldn't or if it means I don't spend that extra cash I was supposed to be putting away for savings, I just wish I could make a plan and stick to it.  I always seem to fall off the proverbial wagon too easily.

5.  I wish I could build our new home with my own hands (and CAT's too lol).  I think being a home builder would be a rewarding job.  To take piles of materials and almost magically turn them into a home for someone, is an amazing skill.  (Plus we'd save lots of money doing it ourselves hehehehe)

6.  I would love to be able to raise my own small flock of sheep, process their wool including dyeing it and then spinning it into yarn to knit into clothing.  I have jokingly mentioned this at work and they think I'm crazy but it just seems to me that to be able to produce, process and use something from an animal you've raised by hand is an amazing skill to have.  Since I've never even lived on a farm (technically I still don't since our house is not built yet) this will be a very large mountain to climb but never say never. :)

7.  I would love to be able to build post and beam structures like the barns of yesteryear.  For those who follow my blog you will know that we have been tearing down and cleaning up a few old barns circa the late 1800s.  The mortise and tenon structures that they and a few neighbours constructed back then, with no power equipment to speak of, are a testament to the old ways.  I find now, wherever CAT and I are driving, I am looking at all these old barns just falling to pieces in the fields and it saddens me that this skill is becoming as lost as the old barns themselves.  Also add in the skill to build log structures as well since our barn we are moving is made with logs.

8.  I wish I could grow enough produce from my garden that I could sell some at the local farmers market on Saturdays.  This is a little dream that has been flickering in the back of my brain.  I shopped several times this summer at one of our local farmers markets and although I would have preferred to be eating produce I'd grown myself, it was interesting to see the different vendors and even to meet some who are located close to our 5 acres.  This will likely remain a dream since I work full time in an office but who knows, maybe we'll win the lottery and I can see the dream come true.

9.  I can sew a little, and once I even managed to sew slip covers for our couch and loveseat (they've since worn out and have yet to be replaced) but I am no proficient and I would really love to be a talented seamstress.  I would enjoy being able to slip cover any chair or sofa that I took a mind to or making some of my own clothes or clothes for others too.

10.  Lastly I'd like to be able to take some of the old barn materials we've salvaged and build things with them like frames for mirrors/pictures or crafts such as wooden boxes.  Maybe a wooden box with little sections in it for keeping individually wrapped teas (I've been wanting one of these myself) or what about spices (my calendar for November has this very thing on it with  a few of the drawers labeled with this or that spice and then all the rest of the drawers labeled sugar lol).

Well, I guess that is about all I can think of at this moment.  I'm sure there are oodles more I could come up with.  Traditionally, I would now tag others to complete the challenge but since I haven't yet had the time to expand the blogs I follow and I don't have too many followers to my blog yet, I will leave it at that and just put the challenge out to all who read this blog.  Maybe you can just make your own mental list or better yet put some of your biggest and best wishes in the comments below.  Thanks again to Leigh at 5 Acres and A Dream for thinking of me and for challenging me to focus on my wishes and dreams since what is life without a few wishes and dreams to chase.   Cheers!


  1. Hi Vicki! Nice site. I just went back through your posts...The barn is beautiful (LOVE old barns) and I really found your old garden pics beautiful. I can see why you would miss it.

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog as you guys build your dream from the ground up.

  2. Hi Tami, So nice to have you following along. Welcome! Thank you for your comments. I haven't had a chance to put up this past weekends work yet but we are getting close to being done out there - well, done all we can do by hand and then it will be up to the logging truck. Again, it's great to have you along with us on our journey. Thanks.

  3. Gosh Vicki, I could have / should have written your #s 1, 3, and 4. Word for word, that's me too. I can really relate to #'s 5, 6, 7, & 8. It's really interesting how similar folks lists have been.

  4. Leigh, perhaps we are kindred spirits (as Anne of Green Gables would say). I have to go check out what the other people you tagged said. I know when I was reading yours I was thinking the same thing...your list could be my list lol. I would love to know how to ride a horse, and to speak French and on and on. This was a really fun exercise. Thanks again for tagging me :).

  5. Hey Vicki,

    I have had some housing issues and moved my office also so haven't checked out your blog consistently. I really have to say that I have missed so much! Wow --- everything you write is just awesome and I absolutely love reading it. Keep blogging away - it is so interesting for me you have no idea. Oh, and by the way - I love this specific blog on things you wish you could do better. Very interesting and insightful --- :) x

  6. Heh Ex Bex Employee, It's great to hear from you. Don't sweat it bro, I know you are busy busy! I hope your housing issues are all resolved now and you are safely ensconced in your new office. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it. I was just checking out your blog and sitting here laughing my a** off. I have to show it to CAT tomorrow morning. I know he will appreciate your wit! He's snoring up a storm right now on the couch. lol We have tomorrow off for Remembrance Day so he thinks it's a Friday (he always flakes out on Friday nights while I sit here on the computer/watching tv) Anyway my dear, keep in touch and hug my sister-in-law and nephew for me....and one for yourself as well. Vicki

  7. Hi Vicki,
    After reading your blog I now have a few more things to add to my list of things I wish I could do. Funny I never thought about building my own home but sounds like a great idea. The one we share the most is #1. I'm a social clod! I envy people who I meet that talk to me like we've always known each other. Not me I look at the and nod my head. I love your blog!!

  8. Hi Barb, Thank you for your comments and for stopping by. I see your picture shows you at your spinning wheel. Spinning is one of the things I wish I could do. One of these days maybe. Thanks again.

  9. Hope the birthday girl has a good birthday!