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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are we crazy?

CAT and I have a lead on a log barn that can be ours just for taking it down and removing it.  It measures about 27' x 20' and some of the logs are actually the full 27' long.  After we remove the roof, we will be hiring a logging truck to use the boom to remove the logs and place them onto the truck and then to transport them.  It's going to be a tremendous amount of work but since we aren't building this year we have time on our hands to dismantle it and get it to our property.  Each log will have to be numbered in order that we can get it back together again.  It would be amazing to be able to put this old beauty on our property to lend a historic look to our place.  I can imagine it all chinked up, with flowers in boxes in the windows and maybe it will house some goats down the road.   I will add more details as we progress with it.


  1. Wow, what a fantastic find! My DH would die for such an opportunity. Lucky you!

  2. Thanks Leigh. It is a fantastic find for sure. It is owned by a young couple who have a huge dairy farm and they are wanting to use the land it is on, to grow more crops. They just want it gone basically and we were the lucky people they chose to do it. We are just waiting to get the go ahead from them and we will start work. There is another section of the barn that is down already so we will start by cleaning that up and cutting down the scrub trees that have grown in around it all. We can't wait to get started.