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Monday, October 4, 2010

More barn demo pics

Another weekend hard at it on our barn demo/cleanup and we accomplished quite a bit.  We purchased a couple of burn barrels to clean up the small rotted and broken pieces of the barn rather than hauling them off to pay an arm and a leg to take them to the landfill.  We are removing (and hoping to use) everything from the property other than these small pieces.  On Sunday we started working on the roof that just has old cedar shingles on it and the shingles burn readily and are cleaned up easily this way.  Also, the burn barrel catches any nails so I don't have to remove them and they can be screened out later. 
One of our burn barrels

A view of the pile on Sunday morning.  CAT and I had removed the last of the metal roof on Saturday.
When I was walking around Sunday morning taking pictures I noticed a fox running over the straw and heading toward our barn.  He was too fast for me to take a pic.  There are a few large holes inside our barn and CAT figured it was a fox hole and as usual it appears he was correct.  I must say I feel a bit sad about removing the roof over his head.  He has quite the home right now but it wont be there long.  Sorry little fox!   

We found this neat little plant stand under one of the roof pieces.  I am going to sand it and paint it and put it in my potting shed or somewhere to remind me of our barn demo fun.  It is amazing it did not rot.  How about yellow!
A little treasure found buried under the collapsed barn!

Now that is clean if I do say so myself.

Here is a pic taken from the usual spot...the sun was causing some problems with the picture but I will not complain.

This is our second post and beam pile.  You can see the big old beauty barn in the background that is being removed by a crew this week.

We found out on Saturday that the big old beauty is being removed this week by a crew. It may be completely gone by the time we go back this weekend. I must say I am sad since I had been hoping that we would have the gumption to do it too, once we gained our confidence on the small one but with just working weekends and by hand it is better we stick to the original plan. We are going to have oodles of material to use to construct a good potting shed, chicken coop and who knows what else so best not to be too greedy lol. Well that is it for another week. Your comments are encouraged and welcome. Cheers!

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