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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Old Garden

My beloved William Baffin Explorer Rose (affectionately known as Willie) climbing my old arbour.  I am hoping to have a Pergola someday on our new property covered in climbing roses.  Fingers crossed.

I figured it was time to talk about something other than our barn demo and our cedar rails and I thought it would be a good time to put on some pics that would show you another of my passions.  It is hard to look at these pictures now because my garden is really the only thing I miss about our house we sold, in order to follow our dream of living in the country.  Our old neighbour was in the office where I work yesterday and after a chat with him I got to missing my garden and wondering how it is making out under another's hand.   My husband and I started this garden from scratch and built it over about a 5 year period.  Living in town we were blessed with a good size lot that enabled us to fence off the back 60 feet in order to keep the dogs in the dog yard and my garden safe from trompling paws.  I'm just going to upload the photos in no particular order as I've been having a hec of a time with Blogspot(the blog software) and uploading pics.  I'm including shots from early summer and late summer so you can see some of the different flowers I had.

Early summer in my garden
Another early summer shot.  You can see the Astilbe plants in the foreground.

You can see the paths in this one.  The flower beds are supposed to be shaped like a pinwheel although I doubt from an arial view they would have been very correct.

My raised vegie beds.  I loved these beds that CAT built for me from one of his co-workers own cedar.  Our new vegie garden will be much larger than this one was ( I already have started planning).  We had so much shade in our old garden that it never thrived the way a garden will in full sun.  I'm looking forward to full sun gardening.

My father took this photo, after we listed the house I believe, toward the end of last summer.


This is the view from the garden looking back toward our old house(this is what we used to call the "dog yard" lol but it was really just our lawn.  You can see my little greenhouse on the left.

My little patio.  My husband and I purchased the bricks as seconds from a local company going out of business.  They cost us next to nothing and we spaced them far apart so the moss would take over.  In early summer the bleeding hearts were covered with blooms as were the Sweet Woodroffe.  It is looking a bit "green" in this photo

Well, these are just a few shots of our old garden. I know we will never have one quite the same again but with my 5 acres I have so many dreams and plans and oodles of space to start a new gardening adventure and I'm gnawing at the bit to get started. I just recently purchased a bunch of tarps on sale for next to nothing in order to kill off the grass in my vegie area. I am just going to lay them down, throw rocks on top (which we have in abundance if you read my blog about our fenceline) and kill the grass underneath. This will leave all the roots as nutrients for my soil but not any grass/clover alive to take over my garden. I'm hoping to give it a turn next summer while we are building and amend it accordingly and then the following summer I will be ready to plant. Again, fingers crossed and here's to hoping all goes well. Please feel free to comment by clicking on the word comment at the bottom of this post. Cheers!


  1. Beautiful! A lot of work and love went into them, I can tell. Good idea about the tarps. That's what I should do. Like you, I have big plans, and I know it will take years to see them all come to fruition. Thanks for sharing the photos. Very inspiring.

  2. Thank you Leigh. It kept me busy during the spring and summer and also during the winter dreaming of what I should do the following season. I miss it although I certainly have lots of projects to keep me busy and entertained right now. Thanks once again for your comments. They are appreciated very much.