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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The first baby steps of taking down our barn

Before starting the dismantling
After most of the trees are removed
Removing the metal roof from the collapsed barn beside ours
After having removed the barn board
Not a huge load for our first day of dismantling

Here are some pics of our first day on the barn dismantling. You can see how we progressed from first clearing the trees in the front to starting the dismantling of the barn that has already collapsed beside ours. We are keeping the barnboard/posts/beams from this fallen barn as well for future builds and to replace old or problematic pieces on our little barn. We may even be able to salvage some of the old tin roof for our chicken house but we will have to see. Some of it was so tough to get off that we ended up bending it quite badly.  You can see from the last pic that we didn't get a huge amount of board from our first day but a lot of time was spent removing trees and getting used to removing the steel roof.  We are hoping our next day will reward us with a nice full load of lumber in the trailer but rain is expected so it may not be for a few days.

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