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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labour Day Monday

Another before shot of the fenceline, just to refresh your memory
After brushing out the stone fenceline
Well the front fenceline has been brushed but we still have to move up some of the stones that have fallen down over time and also eventually we will be doing the road side of the fence as well.  I'm including another before pic for reference.  Also, I forgot to mention that we met our neighbour who has purchased the 5 acre parcel to our south side and he seemed like a fine fellow.  We chatted about our plans and it was fun to find out that he has a lot of similar ideas to ours.  He also plans on keeping chickens and having a garden and weirdly, where I have been thinking of planting a few fruit trees on our property, he was thinking of planting a few in the same general vicinity on his side.  This would be great for pollination for types that need such a thing.  He is also thinking of building next year but it is not for certain yet.  I look forward to getting to know him better.

Abbey and Jasper after running several times around the perimeter of the cleared part of our property
Here is a better shot of Abbey and Jasper although their tongues are hanging out from running around the property non stop.  At this rate Abbey will certainly be loosing that  excess weight she's been carrying.  Jasper just tries to keep tabs on her when she does her rounds (she walks the perimeter of the property and has always done this even in our old house) and then comes back to lay down for a minute.  Jasper will sigh deeply as he lays down beside me as though he's saying "finally" and then two minutes later she's up to do another round and he grunts as he gets himself up to monitor what she is doing.  After several go-rounds he just gets up and walks in the general direction she's gone and then stops and watches her instead of following right behind.  If it weren't for Abbey, he would be content to lay beside me and never move, although he has been very intent on the cows across the road and a few times looked as though he was going to saunter over to investigate.  I think we are going to have to really watch him just in case he gets it in his head to go cow hunting.

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