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Monday, September 20, 2010

Old McDonald Had A Barn...And It All Came Tumbling Down

We had a fabulous day on Saturday working on the barn demo.  Our 16 year old son came to help out for the day after a little persuasion and he was a fabulous worker.  He has agreed to come back to help some more in the future between his shifts at his part time job, so we are looking forward to that.  Here he takes a break to catch up on some texting.  You will note our load of barn board is looking much better today as we really got in the swing of things with the demo.  I managed to convince CAT that we should be hooking on and pulling everything down to ground level to work on it and we gave that a try and it made a huge difference on how quickly we were able to disassemble, transfer to the trailer and my job was de-nailing and loading all the light pieces.  It was so exciting pulling down the large chunks with our jeep.  I cheered each time like a crazy person. lol  

You can now see all the old straw that has been laying under the collapsed roof and the next pic will show that piece of roof section on the right, once it's been pulled down, and the large beam has been moved to the pile.  We are hoping the farmer will come and move the straw this week so we can really go at all the barn board that is still standing next to our little barn.

These are the large timbers that we are collecting that will need to be picked up by the logging truck. CAT just hooks onto them with the jeep and then pulls them out.  It's hard to tell from the pic but they are quite large pieces.

While we were working away the farmer that owns the barns came to do a little manure spreading on the field near us. I just had to upload this photo for my brother in law.

We had another successful "Quest for the Holy Rail" on Sunday although we did get a flat tire on the jeep.  CAT had it changed in no time though, without one swear word (remember the last flat tire CAT changed on a jeep Mom and Dad, at the north end of Haida Gwaii?) and after eating lunch we were on our way.  We knew it would be 3 loads of rails in total so this one was not quite as large as last week, and it handled a lot better according to CAT. You can see in the second pic, how large our piles are getting and I'm sure CAT would be hard at fence building if it weren't for a barn that needed moving.
Load number two

The piles are getting bigger!


  1. Great shots Vicki. I'm still amazed and excited for you that you got this. Very much worth the effort, though I know it is extremely hard work.

  2. Thanks so much Leigh. We are having so much fun and are thrilled about getting the barn. It just fell into our laps basically and we are thanking our lucky stars. It is a lot of work but it is instant gratification because you see the pile of barn board and beams you are gaining starting to pile up and also visually you can see the barn being cleaned up which feels great. Thanks again for your comments. You are my only commentor (I'm not sure that is a word lol) so I appreciate hearing from you. :)